The grape is the most noble
and challenging fruit one can grow

Dyrehojgaard, where the brand RÖS is created, has a hundred year old history as a traditional farm on Roesnaes, but today it is mainly a vineyard. Tom Christensen bought the farm in 2007 and planted the first wine plants in 2008. The first two species were mainly Solaris and Cabernet Cortis and selected in corporation with the Staatliches Wineinstitute in Freiburg, Germany. Today the wine area covers around 10 hectares with approx. 30.000 plants being the largest wine producer in Denmark. The main varieties are Solaris, Muscaris, Johanniter and Souvignier Gris as the white selection and the red variety is Cabernet Cantor.

The Climate at Roesnaes:

The long and hilly peninsula covers the northern part of Kalundborg Fjord and is amongst the sunniest areas in Denmark. The rainfall is on average 523 mm/pa and 1.730 hours of sun.

The peninsula was created about 10 000 years ago during the last ice age and the chalky fringe, which is unique, has been preserved since 1924 - one of Denmark´s first designated areas of protected area. The embankment against the fjord, which gives our vines perfect shelter, is part of this protection, and here one can find lots of rare herbs and insects.

The winemaker ensured that we won "Best Danish Wine 2012" in 7 categories in Danish Wine Show in Copenhagen and our Cabernet Cantor won the prestigious award: "Best of All". However, the reward "Vineyard of the Year" resembles the atmosphere at the vinyard and the allround high quality products.

Distillery and winery

The old stables have been re-done and contain now a full modern winery. All the different stages of the wine making are handled at the winery and all the processes are followed closely by the owner in cooperation with a professional winemaker. Especially the Solaris and Muscaris wines are very popular and are sold within two to three months. Via our handmade micro distillery from Müller Brennereianlagen we destill alcohol, which is used in liqueurs and edelbrands. Especially cherries and apples are used in various products. Our flagship within the non-wine products, is the Cherry liqueur which has a very true taste of fresh cherries with a touch of cherry alcohol.

Buying our products
and visiting the vineyard

Visit our wine shop at the vineyard for tasting and buying various wines, liqueur and edelbrand. The shop is open 7 days a week from 10 -16 in winter and 10-17 in summer.

In July the shop and the café stays open until 8H00 Thursday - Tunday.

Guided tours

Tours are conducted on a regular basis at H14:00 and can be booked in advance in the webshop or by e-mail.
A tour takes you through the vinyard and onto the protected area next to the sea. We talk about the challence of growing vines in Denmark and we show how we prune the vines and manage the fields throughout the year.
Returning to the farm we enter the winery and discuss winemaking in cold climate and we also take a look at the distillery. The tour ends with a winetasting and discussion. Time: 2 hours, DKK 175.-.

Online web shop

You are able to book and pay for a tour in our webshop if you hold a visa card. However, do you want to purchase bottles for export please send us an e-mail for further instructions.

International traders

For international customers, please make contact to our sales manager Betina Newberry.